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(We Are Dads Too) Podcast
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WADT Podcast


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Engage fathers in frank and deep discussions on fathering matters in a safe space that encourages self-reflection and self-awareness.

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Enable fathers to acquire a clear self-concept and essential skills that help them harmonize their salient roles as fathers, husbands, breadwinners, leaders, sons etc.

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Empower fathers by providing resources and support for them to aspire and achieve in being the best irreplaceable dad that they can be.

What Problems Are We Solving?

Lack of resilience of fathers, that may lead to:

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Health problems

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Mental Stress,

depression and illness

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Financial Problems

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Youth Delinquency

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Problems with drug and alcohol abuse

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Domestic Violence and Abuse


Better Men Better Families


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To amplify social connections and impact

Gamify the volunteering industry by introducing a system to acknowledge those who give their time, efforts and more on the platform's marketplace via a SAAS freemium revenue model.

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