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Project Catalyst
(Impact Volunteering Program)

Project Catalyst provides opportunities for individuals, groups and organizations to serve disadvantaged communities through capacity building and service learning programs.

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Share expertise and knowledge to address socio-educational development needs.

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Empower beneficiaries to fight against poverty and achieve sustainable development.

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Enhance participants’ character building, learning and sense of gratitude.

Virtual Overseas Volunteering (VOV)

Due to the Pandemic, this program is offered to: 

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Provide volunteering opportunities to serve overseas beneficiaries during the Covid-19 pandemic travel restriction period.

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 Enable overseas partner organisations to conduct or/and develop further the programs themselves after the engagement.

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Act as a precursor for future actual overseas trip once the overseas travel restriction eases.

Types of Volunteer Programs
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Offering of services by volunteers with professional work experience whose skills and insights can make a catalytic impact in under-resourced communities.

Experteers may serve as a group, in pairs or as an

*Expert + Volunteering = Experteering

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Service Learning (up to 80% of funding)

An approach to teaching and learning in which students use academic and civic knowledge and skills to address genuine
community needs.

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Eco-Tour (Learning Journey)

Responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment, sustains the well-being of the local people, and
involves interpretation and education. It is designed more as a learning "journey" than a "service" learning program, although it may include some volunteer service activities.

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