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Emaan International School
(School Transformation Program)

Value Proposition

EIS is an affordable quality primary school in a village, running on a 5-year sustainable operating model jointly-managed by Singaporean and Cambodian NGOs, in a multi-stakeholder partnership with the school complex owner, donors, volunteers, community leaders and parents.

Value Added
  • Context Specific
    The programme combines common principles, approaches and structures while being tailored to each specific school context (current reality, priorities and vision).
  • International Research & Organisational Expertise
    We combine current international best practice with lessons learned from a decade piloting, implementing and evaluating education solutions across Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Fiji.
  • Sustainable
    We work in partnership with schools to co-construct solutions that empower every stakeholder to work collectively to achieve the schools' vision and goals.
  • Robust & Adaptive
    Realities can change fast. Our programme is designed to be agile and adaptive to a wide-range of contexts as well as withstand extreme changes in circumstances.

EIS Motto

Doors to the world

What We Teach

Emaan catalyst-16.png
English Curriculum
Emaan catalyst-15.png
Khmer Curriculum
Emaan catalyst-14.png
Islamic Studies Curriculum
Emaan catalyst-13.png
Co-Curricular Activities
Making a Difference

We are steadfast in wanting to make a difference and impact the lives of our students and their community… and believe that there are many out there who are willing to help in many ways.

Funds required
  • Essentials

  • Infrastructure

  • Facilities & Equipment

  • Sponsorship

Save Their Future

Orphan Sponsorship

An Orphan in EIS is defined as a child whose either parent or both parents are deceased. Currently, 10 orphans are fully sponsored and 7 of them stay in EIS Boarding with 3 other students, allowing us to interact and give them the care and attention they need.


Needy Student Sponsorship

21 students are currently on sponsorship. A sponsored student must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Child of a single parent 

  • Monthly Household Income of less than USD200

  • Monthly Per Capita Income of USD75 or less

  • No ownership of a house 

  • Recommendation from Village Chief

  • EIS Management Board's consideration

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