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Building a Catalyst Tribe

To provide sustainable and continuous help for beneficiaries resulting in better quality programs and greater impact

Other than reaching out directly to individual and family beneficiaries, we also work with Organisation Beneficiaries in building their capacity, effectiveness, and efficiency to enhance their stakeholder's impact.

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How You Too Can Make That Change

In order for us to create a greater impact on the lives of those we seek to touch, we need more help and support of any kind. The various projects undertaken by ECC are made possible by the generosity of donors, the kindness of our partners and volunteers. We invite you to be a part of our Catalyst Community as no amount of effort or contribution is too small.

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Our Volunteers

Emaan Catalyst Community is fortunate and grateful for having wonderful individuals who are committed to make the change that matters. We salute them and believe that you too could be among them.

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Become Friends of ECC

Even if you may not have the desired resources at your disposal for now, you could still be a part of our community as Friends of ECC where all you need to do is to help spread the good words of what we do in the hope that it may reach the ears and hearts of prospective donors, partners and volunteers.

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Director, Fast Track Sports

I am so moved by their living conditions that I feel the need to help them in ways that I can.

I believe that every kind of assistance means a world of difference to these villagers. Do join me and together we can create a better future for them and for their next generation.

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